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Grow Healthy sun Valley

The Grow Health Sun Valley is a healthy living initiative to support wellness through Sun Valley design, redevelopment, programs, and operations. Working with Mithun, the design firm that helped guide the Mariposa redevelopment, the Sun Valley Healthy Living Initiative was conducted in 2017. A Sun Valley Needs Assessment was conducted using surveys, community meetings, and informational interviews to better understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the community. 

Campaigns for action

 Based on the Sun Valley priority health issues, we created four Campaigns for Action. These campaigns include “bundles” of strategies organized around a theme for the Denver Housing Authority, Sun Valley EcoDistrict Trust, organizations, residents, and agencies to take action. The strategies were chosen because they are proven to improve multiple health determinants, or upstream factors that influence length & quality of life.

HLI Campagins.PNG

evaluation guidelines

This evaluation guide is to assist the Denver Housing Authority and their partners with monitoring and evaluation of health and wellness in Sun Valley throughout redevelopment and onward. Evaluation is an important, yet often underfunded, step, to track progress and inform ongoing development, design, and programming decisions. Evaluation data may also be of interest to stakeholders and other practitioners who have an interest in the connection between design, community development, programs, and health.

design guidelines

The Sun Valley Healthy Living Initiative (HLI) focuses action around health determinants in the built environment and areas that the Denver Housing Authority can influence that have been proven to increase healthy choices. The (HLI) puts public health research and data to work, side by side with resident experience, to drive decisions in the Sun Valley EcoDistrict (SVED) redevelopment process and improve opportunities for healthy living. A Baseline Needs Assessment report and a Healthy Living Action Campaigns document precede and inform these Design Guidelines, which focus on specific built environment strategies for new development in the EcoDistrict.


Design Guidelines are categorized into four main areas: Public & Open Space, Site, Street, and Building, and intend to act as a health-focused supplement to overall Sun Valley EcoDistrict design guidelines. Graphic guidelines per category are followed by resources and partner indexes for each, that connect back to the HLI Health Action Campaigns document.

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