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sun valley redevelopment

The Housing Authority of the City and County of Denver and the City and County of Denver were awarded a $30 million FY2016 Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant for the Sun Valley neighborhood. Located just west of downtown Denver, Sun Valley is the lowest-income neighborhood in the city, and the Sun Valley Homes and Sun Valley Annex public housing developments are among the housing authority’s most distressed and isolated sites. Despite these challenges, Sun Valley holds incredible potential, with a new light rail station and significant planned private and public investments. In hopes of capitalizing on this potential, local partners secured a FY2013 Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant and created a comprehensive Transformation Plan for Sun Valley. With the award of a Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant, DHA will be able to build 750 new, mixed-income housing units; improve the neighborhood’s landscape by creating new open space and increasing opportunities for local businesses; and increasing families’ access to quality jobs and education.

The Sun Valley Redevelopment effort focuses on housing, people and the neighborhood.

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