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The following are in response to the December 9, 2019 correspondence from the Sun Valley Community Coalition (SVCC) regarding the DHA Sun Valley Choice Neighborhood development. We appreciate the questions and DHA is committed to written Q&A’s to help facilitate information flow on this important community revitalization. Please see below and attached Sun Valley Phasing Model and December 2019 Sun Valley Phasing Timeline:


Question: When will Lease up Commence?
Answer: Leasing Activity is currently planned to start in December 2020.

Question: Will any of the units in the Gateway phase be made available to the 551 families relocated in Zone A?
Answer: Yes. The 55 families relocated in Zone A will have the first right to relocate back to Sun Valley Homes (SVH) in the 70 replacement units provide in this phase. This will be subject to availability and size of household.

Question: If a family wishing to relocate back to Sun Valley are unable to relocate into the replacement units in the Gateway phases will they have the right to move into future phases?
Answer: Yes. Phase 2 is scheduled to be completed and commence lease up in December of 2022.

Question: Will families impacted by Zone B demolition be able to relocate into Gateway North or South?
Answer: Yes. The number of available units will be determined by how many families return from the first relocation phase.



Question: What is the timeline associated with the 13th Avenue Realignment?
Answer: Design and Engineering is underway and ongoing. Stakeholder input including neighboring/impacted property owners will continue through April of 2020? Concept designs are anticipated to be discussed in mid-late January 2020.

Question: What is the construction timeline, including street closures?
Answer: DHA anticipates construction to commence in November of 2020 and be completed in December of 2022. Street closures, logistics, etc. will be discussed between March 2020 and September 2020 with the selected contractor to minimize impacts to the community/impacted property owners during construction.


Question: When will the site plan be complete?
Answer: Site plan and entitlements (including alley improvements are scheduled for completion by October 2020.

Question: When will a meeting be scheduled with impacted neighbors/property owners?
Answer: Mid-late January 2020

Question: When will lease-up commence?
Answer: Leasing for Phase 2 is planned for December 2022


Question: When do you anticipate land be ready for sale?
Answer: DHA anticipates marketing land for sale in Sun Valley in Q4 2023.


Question: When will resident relocation commence in Phase B of demolition?
Answer: Resident relocation will commence in May of 2020.

Question: Will families be able to remain in Zone C Demolition during construction of Phase 3?
Answer: Yes

Question: How many units are estimated to remain in Zone C?
Answer: 88 units are identified in Zone C.

Question: Will residents be relocated more than once before they are stabilized in their replacement unit?
Answer: It is not the intent to relocate families more than once prior to occupying their new unit in Sun Valley. This is based on a case by case basis and needs of the family including size their size of household.

Question: Will families be temporarily located into market units if a replacement units are not available?
Answer: No, market rate units are based on income qualifications.

Question: What timeline is associated with the relocation in Zone B?
Answer: Zone B will be entirely relocated between May 2020 and April of 2021 to allow for the abatement, demolition and construction of 10th and Bryant.

Question: We have noticed a large number of notices for rent on resident doors- far more than ever before. Is there an increase in the number of late rents? We have also seen an increase in evictions. Why do you think this is happening? What can we as a neighborhood community do to help families?
Answer: The notices are not related to redevelopment activity taking place in the neighborhood which requires action by the neighborhood.

Question: How many families are still living in Sun Valley and will need to be relocated?
Answer: To date 244. DHA tries to maintain occupancy in all units remaining at Sun Valley Homes until formal relocation commences. In the event units require significant repair or need to be released they may be vacant or under repair. Currently there are 28 units vacant.

Question: What percentage will need to be relocated outside the neighborhood?
Answer: Relocation is resident choice with DHA relocation options presented to each and every family.



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